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Here at Finish-Finale we try hard not to impose lots of rules and regulations because it’s just not our style but we do need to point out a few things before we take on any work for our customers.


  • Engines must be disassembled and all internal components removed.
  • Items which are bolted together will be blasted as a whole.
  • The customer must strip all bearings & valves prior to blasting.
  • The customer must clean and degrease items as much as possible prior to shipping.

NB: Vapour blasting is not an aggressive process and will not remove paint or powder coating. This requires dry blasting, a process that we are able to offer at an additional cost. Please contact us for a quote.


All work is to be prepaid in full. All transactions are secure via Paypal either through the link on our website or we can accept credit / debit card payments by telephone.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Placing Your Order

Simply contact us and, if you wish us to arrange for Parcelforce to collect your components we will notify them. Collection will depend on the time of day that you place your order and you will be advised when to expect the courier. All shipments are with their 24 hour service.

Time Frames

We will notify you confirming that we have received your shipment. Turn around is 5 working days from receipt plus an additional day for the return shipment. (We'll do it quicker if we can)

Refund / Cancellation Policy

When we notify you that we have received your components you have the right to cancel the order and we will return them to you. All courier charges at this point remain your responsibility regardless whether the courier used was our Parcelforce service or one of your own choosing. We will then refund you in full less the courier charges.


All items will be cleaned thoroughly after being vapour blasted using a variety of processes and oilways will be blown through when the items are fully dry. We cannot however guarantee that there will not be any residual media left and it is the responsibility of customers to ensure that their components meet their own standards of cleanliness prior to reassembly.

Items once blasted are of course prone to corrosion and oxidisation and the finish will in time deteriorate. We spray all finished items with Corrosion X to help prevent and delay deterioration and we suggest that you continue to periodically maintain this treatment once reassembled.

Parcelforce Courier Services

Although we have negotiated a great deal with Parcleforce your decision to use them is at your discretion and any issues related to their service is entirely a matter between you and Parcelforce and Finish-Finale accept no responsibility for any failings in their service or subsequent claims you may have. Their Terms & Conditions of business can be found at